Eternal (1998)

I just finished my 10-week-training at Drummers Institute in Düsseldorf around November 1997 and took a short trip to New York City with my Mom about one month later. One purpose was spending Christmas in NY, another one was checking out the DI´s affilate school called The Collective.  Shortly after, it was clear that I would enroll into the Spring program of the Collective in 1998.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to spend half a year in the States, especially in New York City - although being a drum student, I didn´t want to show up with empty hands. On the flip side, I didn´t have many experiences as a composer around this time yet. As I was already working as a session drummer in my father´s studio on a regular basis, playing on different projects and styles of songs, the easiest way was to make a compilation of songs I´ve already played on plus doing some additional recordings.

About 3 months later and with my "musical business card" Eternal in the pocket, I was ready to hit the roads of the "Big Apple" :)


  1. Pandara
  2. Carmen (Bulerias)
  3. Ottovolante
  4. Escape from Oakland
  5. Leva
  6. Infected
  7. Spain
  8. Superstition

 eternal cover